2908 Mammo Pro    


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”The combination of optimum image quality, speed and convenience make Array's 2908 Mammo Pro a logical choice for your digital mammography program. 2908 Mammo Pro is an all in one, fully self contained tabletop film digitization system dedicated to mammography images.”



2908 Mammo Pro is the first of its kind, yet was build upon the same engineering principles that has established Array as the world leader in scanning technologies.


2908 Mammo Pro features an integrated LCD touchscreen and autofeeder that allows total control without sacrifice to your workflow.


DICOM attributes are user selectable and can be applied to each scanned image, thus ensuring correct anatomic positioning while radiologists remain productive.


Model number: 2908 Mammo Pro

Light Source: Solid State LAser 660 nm

Sensor: Photomultiplier

Scan Speed: 30 seconds at 50 micron (18x24 cm film)

Scanning System: Flat Scanning by Polygon Mirror and Field Flattener Lens

Optical Density Range: Selectable: 0-4.4 OD

A/D Convertor: 12 bits (4096 gray levels)

Sampling Pitch: 50 micron

Feed Capacity: Batch load to 100 films

Optical Resolution: 50 micron

Film Sizes:18 x 24 and 24 x 30 cm


Interfaces: USB, Internal PC, 17" LCD

Network: DICOM

Operating System: Windows XP embedded

Dimension: 45 x 65 x 41 cm

Weight: 69.9 kgs

Powe:r 100 - 120 VAC, 200 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Options: Mouse, keyboard