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Smart DICOM Router, for solving routing, content and transfer syntax issues within your DICOM network.        
Connecticut, Smart DICOM Router Software, distributes DICOM Storage Images to
multiple destinations. When Connecticut distributes image data it is possible to change
the transfer syntax and attributes.
• Distribute images automatically to multiple destinations.
• Modify Transfer Syntax or attribute content to meet environmental needs.
• Solve your bandwidth problems using compression and decompression for
DICOM storage to/from remote locations.



Routing function

Spool function

Automatic compress / decompress

Available transfer syntaxes:

#Implicit VR Little Endian

#Explicit VR Little Endian

#Explicit VR Big Endian

#JPEG Baseline (Process 1)

#JPEG Extended (Process 2&4)

#JPEG Spectra: Selection, Non-hierarchical (Process 6&8)

#JPEG Full Progression, Non Hierarchical (Process 10&12)

#JPEG Lossless, Non-hierarchical (Process 14)

#JPEG Lossless, Non-hierarchical, First-Order Prediction


Management: Web-based administrative interface

Modify attributes (using scripting)

Customization (using scripting)

FTP receive, send

Remote maintenance


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 2000 + IIS

CPU: Pentium 733 MHz or faster

HD: over 9 GB

Memory: 256 MB

Network port: Ethernet / Fast Ethernet