DICOM Pro Capture    


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The "DICOM Pro Capture" is an easy to use tool for integrating any non-DICOM modality (CT, MR, NM, Ultra Sound etc.) into DIOCM v3.0 network.        
This converter has the ability to acquire image data from a digital laser-imager port or
video source. This data together with patient demographics and formatting information
can be send to DICOM Printers and / or DICOM Image Servers.


• Acquires image data from non-DICOM modalities

• Prints acquired image data on any DICOM 3.0 compatible printer

• Sends image data to any DICOM 3.0 compatible image server

• Intuitive user interface

• Spooling Buffer on disk

• Output to maximum 4 DICOM printers

• Output to maximum 8 DICOM image servers

• Choice of digital interface or video interface

• Error logging

• Internal queue management


Host control > for automatic image data transfer

Modality worklist management > for study selection and automatic transfer of patient demographics

Color Video Input

Dual Input (Two interfaces in one unit to connect to two independent modalities)


Input • Digital > RS-485 Digital laser-imager port (37 pin D-Sub connector)

____ • Analog > Video interface: pixel rate up to 140 Mhz (15 pin D-Sub / BNC Connector)

Output • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T on TCP/IP stack

O.S. • MS-Windows NT / 2000 / XP


System • Case > MicroATX Computer case with internal UPS

______ • Display > TFT LCD color touch screen