DICOM Pro Net    

System Requirements

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Add DICOM Modality Worklist Management and DICOM Print to Modalities with only DICOM Storage support.        

DICOM Pro Net is a program that can receive DICOM images from modalities and workstations using the DICOM C-Store command. These images can be redistributed over the DICOM network using DICOM storage. At the same time the images can be printed on DICOM Printer(s).
While processing the study information gathered using a DICOM Modality Worklist connection, can be included with the images. Optionally it is possible to change information in the DICOM attributes to accommodate specific needs in the DICOM network.

DICOM Pro Net is the perfect choice for scanning film in screening projects, in combination of one of Array's Laser Film Digitizers.


Receives DICOM Images using DICOM Storage

DICOM Worklist data automatically added to images

DICOM Patient Query to obtain Patient Demographics from PACS

Prints acquired image data on any DICOM 3.0 compatible printer

Sends image data to any DICOM 3.0 compatible Image Server

Automatic Worklist Matching based on Access Number and/or Patient ID

Automatic Modification or Creation of DICOM attributes.

Intuitive user interface

Spooling Buffer on disk

Output to maximum 4 DICOM printers

Output to maximum 8 DICOM Image-servers

Choice of optional Digital Interface or Video Interface

Error logging

Internal queue management

Automatic Retry of DICOM Communication failures

Programmable Region of Interrest windows

Scriptable workflow actions for optimized usage


Video Image Capture

For capturing images from Non-DICOM Modalities. Maximum of 4 connections.

Digital Image Capture

For capturing images from Non-DICOM Modalities. Maximum of 4 connections.

2905 Laser Film Digitizer

For digitizing conventional films.

Image Import

Import DICOM or NON-DICOM (jpg, bmp, etc.) from removable media (CD, floppy, flash-memory)

System Requirements:

OS: MS-Windows 2000 or XP

CPU: Pentium 4, 2 GHz or faster

Hard disk: 30GB

Memory: 512Mbyte minimum

Video: 1280 x 1024 minimum