DICOM Scan    

System Requirements

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...A User Friendly Interface
Allowing Total Control...

An intuitive interface that makes ’DICOM Scan’, a breeze to operate......
The choices for scanning and sending films are simple and straight forward.
Input of patient demographics is possible either manually
or through a ’Worklist Management’ interface.

AutoDivision makes it possible to scan any multi-formatted film
and create individual DICOM secondary capture images.

DICOM Scan provides built-in PACS redundancy by allowing images to be scanned,
stored and/or printed - simultaneously.
With ’Copy Mode’ a duplicate film is simply made by placing a film
into the 2905 Laser Film Digitizer, it is fed automatically and sent as a DICOM print
to your network DICOM imager.


• DICOM Storage Class SCU (multiple destinations)

• DICOM Print Service Class SCU (multiple destinations) (1)

• DICOM Modality Worklist Management Class SCU

• Full Scan Control (Film size, bit depth, optical density, sampling pitch, etc.)

• Copy Mode, function with automatic calibration (1)

• AutoDivision for Multi-formatted film

• Thumbnail view with contol of orientation, store order, etc. (1)

• Advanced setup for film / study types

• Viewing tool

• Moiré reduction filters

• Spool function

• Scout scan

• AutoFeeder control

System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 98, NT4, 2000, XP

• CPU - Pentium III 733 Mhz or faster

• HD - Over 9 GB

• Memory - 256 Mb

• Display - XGA

• Network port - Ethernet / Fast Ethernet