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System Requirements

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Array Printemps is a powerful DICOM Print Server that;
prints to standard Windows printers in DICOM networks,
prints to standard DICOM Imagers in DICOM networks,
allows back up of all print jobs and export of images.
Array Printemps is a print server software for receiving DICOM print jobs for use in a Windows environment.
Array Printemps, can perform the following operations:
• Receive DICOM print jobs from print clients (Print SCU) such as image diagnostic devices or viewers, and print out automatically or manually on a Windows printer.
• Send the received print job images automatically or manually to DICOM print servers (Print SCPs) such as imagers.
• View the images of the received print jobs with full control of image size and tone (brightness/contrast).
• Retrieve the images of the received print jobs as image files of various formats.
• Save the data of the received print jobs as ”folder files”. From the folder files, you can manually import the print jobs back to Printemps.



• Relay of print data to other DICOM print server using spooling function

• Optional color to monochrome conversion

• Print simultaneously on DICOM imager and Windows printer.

• Queue viewing and management

• Function for Windows printing : Auto Print, Manual Print (reprint), Setting Print condition

• Overrule DICOM Print settings (configurable)

• Print job manual / auto delete (using configurable rules)

• Export to image files from print jobs, available formats: DICOM , TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PGM



System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 98 SE / ME / NT 4.0 / 2000 or XP

• CPU - Pentium II 350 Mhz or faster

• HD - Over 1 GB

• Network port - Ethernet / Fast Ethernet

• Printer - For Windows Print, printer is required. (local or network)